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Free Bandana Baby Bib Patterns - Over 20 designs
And in case you're not familiar with what a bandana bib is, it's a baby bib that's
specifically designed to catch baby drool by fitting more snuggly under a baby's chin
than a traditional bib. Which, as any parent will tell you, can be especially helpful
during baby's teething years. And because the bib can be easily changed, it saves
you from needing to change your baby's top frequently throughout the day (in
addition to reducing your laundry load) or from baby sitting in drool-soaked tops all
day. Plus, because a bandana bib looks more like a part of baby's outfit, it's simply
more stylish than a traditional bib.

And because of its simple design, which usually consists of just two pieces of fabric
sewn together, turned, and top stitched, a bandana bib can make a first great
project for a beginner who's just learning how to sew. It can also be a great
quick-to-make project for an experienced seamstress, she'll probably be able to
whip up several bibs in one sitting. A bananda bib can also make a great diy baby
shower gift.

And be sure to use absorbent fabrics for your bib such as terry cloth, flannel, or
cotton knit. In fact a bandana bib can be a great way to repurpose old clothes or
towels that have seen better days. And make sure the fabric you choose for your
bib will stand up to lots of washing.

And just a reminder for safety reasons, always supervise a baby in a bib and never
let a baby sleep with a bib on. And you may want to choose velcro as the fastener
instead of snaps or buttons.
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Make a bandana bib today with this collection of over twenty free baby bandana bib
patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web!
Bandana Bib
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