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Fat Quarter Quilt Patterns - 30+ free designs!
And in case you're not familiar with the term “fat quarter,” it's a rectangle of fabric
that measures approximately 18 x 22 inches. In other words, it's a yard of 44 inch
wide quilting fabric cut into quarters.

And this is what makes the fat quarter
pre-cut so versatile - its wide shape and
large size. You can cut a fat quarter into just a couple of shapes (which can be great
for showcasing a larger print) or into many smaller rectangles, squares, or triangles,
in size to a jelly roll or charm pre-cut.

And fat quarters are usually sold in bundles, giving you one of each print from a
particular fabric line. Therefore, a fat quarter bundle can be a great way to sample all
of the fabrics from a line without committing yourself to buying yardage. Plus,
because the fabrics come from the same line, they'll automatically coordinate, saving
you the trouble of trying to match colors and patterns.

If you choose t
o pre-wash your fat quarters (some quilters do this to either get rid
of the sizing in the fabric, to prevent shrinkage of the
ir finished quilt, or to help
prevent color bleeding), just make sure to pink or clip the edges of y
our fabric prior
to washing to prevent fraying. It's possible for a pre-cut section of fabric to fray so
much during washing that you lose a significant amount of fabric and end up with
pieces that are no longer large enough for your project.
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Make use of those fat quarters you been accumulating in your fabric stash with the
help of this collection of over thirty free fat quarter friendly quilt patterns, tutorials,
and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web!

Here you'll find a variety of quilt designs from traditional to modern, quilts simple
and easy enough for a beginner to sew (or that can make a quick project for an
experienced quilter)
and more complex designs for the more advanced quilter.
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