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Free Messenger Bag Patterns - 32 designs
Because of its structured, rectangular shape and its large, flap closure, a
messenger bag (called such because they were originally designed for bicycle
messengers to carry their deliveries in), is an ideal bag for carrying and easily
accessing flat items like papers, books, or a laptop computer. Consider carrying a
messenger bag in lieu of a backpack, briefcase, or  traditional tote bag.

And of course a messenger bag can also be used as a simple handbag for when you
want something with a neater, more structured style. (It's also a style of bag that
men and boys tend to feel more comfortable carrying without feeling like they're
carrying a “purse.”) Lengthen the shoulder strap of your messenger bag and it can
be worn across your body for added security. Or, make your strap adjustable by
adding a buckle to it.

And if you think you'll be carrying heavy items in your messenger bag, either sew
your bag from a durable fabric like canvas or denim, add a layer of fusible
interfacing to a finer fabric to increase the fabric's durability, or add a lining to your
bag for added strength.

And one of the simpler messenger bag patterns can make a great first project for a
beginner just learning how to sew because it will likely consist of simple shapes and
be quick to sew.
Sew messenger and crossbody bags with this collection of over thirty messenger
bag patterns gathered from all over the web!