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Free Quilt Patterns - Over 500 designs!
And if this happens to be your first quilt project, consider choosing one of the
simpler designs consisting of larger fabric pieces and square or rectangular shapes.
The larger fabric pieces will stitch up faster, be more forgiving of slightly inaccurate
cuts and seams, and you'll avoid having to deal with tricky bias edges. To give your
simpler quilt more visual interest, choose patterned fabrics in contrasting colors.

If you're in a hurry to complete your quilt project, consider purchasing pre-cut
fabric squares or strips (for instance, charm squares or jelly rolls). Not only will this
save you the tedious task of cutting all of your fabric shapes, but using pre-cuts
will ensure that your fabric pieces have been cut accurately.

And remember, the smaller your fabric pieces, the more important it is to master
sewing a perfect quarter-inch seam. A seam that's off by even a tiny bit can cause
blocks to not fit together properly and a finished quilt that's either too big or too
small. For a great tutorial on how to achieve the perfect quarter-inch seam, click

Should you pre-wash your quilt fabric? Some quilters recommend it, others don't
think it's necessary. Pre-washing fabric can help prevent later bleeding of darker
fabrics onto lighter fabrics and can help prevent puckering along seam lines that can
occur with shrinkage. Prewashing can also remove any sizing or chemicals present
in new fabric. On the other hand, high quality fabric shouldn't release any dye and
some quilters like that “puckered” look in their finished quilt. If you choose not to
pre-wash your fabric, you may want to test the fabric first for colorfastness before
sewing your quilt. You may also want to toss one or two “color catchers” into your
machine the first time you wash your quilt just to be on the safe side.
Make a beautiful quilt today with the help of this collection of over five hundred free
quilt patterns and tutorials gathered from all over the web. Be inspired by modern
and traditional designs, easy quilts for beginners, and specialty designs such as star
and log cabin quilts.
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