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Free Baby Bootie & Shoe Patterns - 70 designs!
Try whipping up a cute pair of booties for your next baby shower, and have fun
embellishing the booties with colorful trims. And if baby is walking, consider making
the sole of the bootie or shoe from a non-slip material such as leather. And if you
do decide to make your shoes from leather, suede, or vinyl, be sure to use a thicker
needle in your sewing machine which will be able to pierce through the thicker
leather, suede, or vinyl more easily.

And because they’re so small, sewing a pair of fabric baby shoes can be a great way
to use up scraps of fabric you may have leftover from other projects. But because
the fabric pieces for baby booties are so small, be especially accurate when cutting
out your fabric pieces, because a piece that’s cut just a little bit off – just inside or
outside of the cutting line can greatly affect the size of your finished booties.
Sew baby booties and shoes with this collection of seventy adorable free baby
bootie & shoe patterns gathered from all over the web.