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patterns & tutorials collected from all over the web. Make handbags, tote bags, wine bags, duffel bags, backpacks, and

And since bags often consist of simple shapes with just a few seams, they can be a great first project for a beginner
just learning how to sew. And since they can often be completed in very little time, the new sewer will feel an
immediate sense of accomplishment.

Making a bag can also be a great way to use those smaller pieces of fabric you may have leftover from other
projects, particularly if the bag design is small. They can also be a great way to try out a fun and funky print that you
may not feel quite comfortable wearing as a clothing item. And since bags are made to hold “stuff,” you may want to
consider adding a lining to your bag or interfacing your bag for added durability.

Sewing Quick Tips:

#1: Make sure to reinforce seams that will be subject to stress (such as the seams of a bag or where the bag handles
attach to the body of the bag, especially if you plan to use the bag for heavy items) by either stitching again over the
first row of stitching or by using a smaller stitch length. And be sure to use a durable thread such as polyester or
cotton-wrapped polyester.

#2: Before cutting your pattern pieces from your fabric, always press your fabric first. It can be tempting to skip this
step, but cutting a pattern from wrinkled fabric could result in fabric pieces that don't fit together quite right and a
finished item that doesn't fit right.
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