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Free Tote Bag Patterns - Page 5
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A collection of the best free Tote Bag Patterns & Tutorials on the web
The Lindie Bag
Quilt Block Tote Bag
Sonnet of the Moon
Placemat Tote
J. Caroline Creative
Post Office Bag
Elsie Marley
Child's Art Tote Bag
I Have to Say
Fancy Tote Bag
Lotus Bag
The Anywhere Tote
Quilting in the Rain
Chenille Bag with
Name Tag
Better Homes & Gardens
Large Tote Bag*
Yoga Mat Bag
Library Tote Bag
My Cotton Creations
Ruffled Tote Bag
Weekend Designer
Reversible Tote Bag
Maribel Made
Market Bag
Film in the Fridge
Easy Tote Bag
Craft and Fabric Links
Easy Tote Bag
Needle and Spatula
Tote Bag
J. Caroline Creative
The Blossie Bag
Bloom and Blossom
Lucille Picnic Bag
Fusion Bag
Sew Take a Hike
Classic Tote
Sew Mama Sew
Smart Bag
T-shirt Tote Bag*
Easy Fabric Bag
Sabbe Spot
Simple Tote Bag
Vinyl Tote
J. Caroline Creative