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Free Girls Dress Patterns - Over 90 designs!
And just a reminder, especially because many of these dress designs are made from
cotton fabrics, to preshrink your fabric first before cutting and sewing so that your
finished dress will retain its shape after laundering. And if you happen to be making
your dress from several colorful fabrics, be sure to test each fabric for colorfastness
to make sure no bleeding will occur from one fabric to another when you launder
your finished dress.

And since a few of these dress designs are made from knit fabrics, here are a
couple of tips for working with knits: Remember to use a ball-point needle in your
sewing machine which will slide between the fibers of your knit fabric instead of
piercing through them, and remember to use a special “stretch stitch” (or a very
fine zigzag stitch) when sewing your knit fabric so that your seams will stretch with
the fabric when the dress is worn.

If you're interested in some additional sewing tips, you may want to check out
these helpful guides
here and here.
Sew pretty and adorable dresses for your little girl with this collection of over ninety
free girls' dress patterns and tutorials gathered from all over the web. And since
many of these dresses are made from simple shapes, they could make a good first
project for a beginner just learning how to sew.
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