Free Mitten Patterns & Glove Patterns
A collection of the best free glove and mitten patterns & tutorials on the web
Sew your own gloves, mittens, & muffs with this collection of over a dozen free patterns & tutorials gathered
from all over the web.

And sewing a pair of mittens can be a great way to recycle an old sweater. Just sew the fabric as you would any
knit fabric, using a stretch stitch or a small zig zag stitch so that your finished gloves will stretch along the
seamlines. And if your sweater fabric is quite bulky, you may want to lighten the pressure of your sewing
machine's presser foot so that the knit will feed more easily.

And since some of these designs call for working with fleece, here are some tips for working with fleece fabric:

Fleece has a subtle nap to it, so make sure you lay out your pattern pieces in the same direction so that the nap
will run the same way in your finished mittens. And because of its bulk, you may find it easier to cut fleece in a
single layer rather than doubling it (just remember to cut "mirror images" of your pattern pieces). Fleece can also
produce a lot of lint. Therefore, when you're finished with your project, be sure to clean your sewing machine.
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