Free Hat Patterns - over 50 designs
52 of the best free Hat Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sew hats and caps with this collection of over fifty free hat and headwear sewing patterns & tutorials gathered from all over
the web.

And since most hats are constructed from pretty basic shapes, they can be fairly quick to make and can make a great first
project for a beginner just learning how to sew (one of the fleece designs may make an especially good first sewing project
because fleece doesn't fray).

And since many of these designs are made with knit fabrics, here are a couple of tips for working with knits: Use a special
“stretch stitch” (or a tiny zigzag stitch) when sewing your knit fabric so that the seams in your finished hat will stretch
properly when the hat is worn. And use a
ballpoint needle in your sewing machine (instead of a standard needle) which will
slide between the fibers of your knit fabric instead of piercing them.

And as you can see from a few of the designs, making a knit cap can be a great way to recycle an old sweater (especially
those colorful sweaters from the 80's we don't quite know what to do with!). And as long as the knit is fairly tight, you can
sew it just as you would any knit fabric.
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Husqvarna Viking
Kitty Hat
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Fleece Hat*
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Resurrection Fern
Prairie Bonnet
Given Moments
Hat from Recycled
One Pearl Button
Fleece Hat
Creative Kindness
Nancy's Notions
Antenna Hood
Cashmere Baby Hat
Chez Beeper Bebe
Baby Hat
Laney's Emergency
The L-T Experience
Toddler Cap
Small Dream Factory
Baby's Woodland
Made by Marzipan
Knotted Baby Hat
Elsie Marley