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Over 1300 of the best free clothing sewing patterns on the web!
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Welcome to the Free Clothing Patterns section at, where you'll find a collection of over 1300 free
clothing patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web. Sew dresses, aprons, shirts & blouses, skirts, hats, and

And if you happen to be a beginner who's just learning how to sew and you'd like to sew a garment for your first
sewing project, consider choosing a design that consists of simple shapes such as an apron, a hat, a scarf, or one of
the more basic dress designs. This way, you'll likely finish your project faster and gain the confidence that comes with
a quick success.

And one thing you may want to keep in mind is that some of these designs don't include an actual pattern template.
However, these particular designs likely consist of simple shapes you can easily measure and cut yourself.


Sewing Quick Tip:

If you don’t have quite enough fabric for your pattern layout, here are two things you can try: Try spreading your fabric out in a
single layer instead of doubling it. This will give you more flexibility in arranging your pattern pieces, allowing you to squeeze them
all in. Just remember to cut opposites of the pattern pieces you’ll need two of. You may even want to create two of each paper
pattern piece to make this task easier. Or, you can try placing some of your pattern pieces on the “cross-grain” of your fabric
(perpendicular to your fabric’s selvadges). Just keep in mind that fabric cut on the cross-grain may hang differently than fabric cut
“with the grain."
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Pattern above from CraftinessIsNot...
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Pattern above from MarthaStewart
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