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Clutch Purse Patterns - Over 50 designs!
And because clutch purses are usually small, they can be great for using up those
small amounts of fabric you may have leftover from other projects. And they can
also be a great first project for a beginner just learning how to sew. Just choose
one of the simpler designs to start with.

And because of a clutch purse's small size, be especially careful when cutting out
your fabric pieces. A piece that's cut even a little bit off – slightly inside or outside
of the cutting line, can make a big difference in the look of your finished purse
and/or result in pieces that don’t fit together quite right.

And for a more durable finished purse, consider interfacing your fabric pieces before
sewing them together (purse projects that call for using leather or vinyl would not

of course, need this kind of reinforcement). Just remember that interfacing can
stiffen fabric, so be sure to test the interfacing first on scraps of your fabric to
make sure you like the look and feel of it.

And because your finished purse will likely be subjected to stress with use, make
sure to use a durable thread. Synthetic
and silk threads are generally more durable
than cotton threads, and of course, thicker threads (like upholstery thread) are
usually stronger than thinner threads.
Let’s make clutch purses! Here you’ll find over fifty free clutch purse patterns and
tutorials collected from all over the web – sew metal frame clutch purses, zippered
pouches, foldover bags, and more!
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