Free 18" Doll Clothes Patterns - Over 220 designs!
228 of the best free Doll Clothes Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sew dolls clothes with this collection of over two hundred free doll clothes patterns gathered from all over the web.

And because doll clothes often consist of small fabric pieces, they can be ideal for using up those smaller scraps of
fabric (and scraps of trimmings like lace or ribbon) you may have leftover from other projects. And for better accuracy
when cutting and sewing these very small pieces, consider cutting your pattern templates from cardboard, without
seam lines, instead of from paper. Trace around your cardboard templates onto your fabric with a fabric pen. This line
will be your stitching line. Then draw an another line outside of the first as your cutting line. This drawn line will be
easier for you to follow than trying to stitch a certain amount from your fabric's edge.

And when choosing a fabric for your doll clothes, it might be best to stick with either small-scale prints or solids. In
other words, a large print on a small doll may not look right.

And one of the simpler designs (like a doll vest) may make a good first project for a child who’s just learning how to
sew. And if you want to be able to launder your finished doll clothing, just remember to preshrink your fabric first
(especially if the fabric is 100% cotton or a cotton blend).

And for safety reasons, if the doll clothing is for a baby or small child’s doll, don’t embellish the clothing with anything
that could come off and become a choking hazard (like buttons).
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