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Sew fleece with this collection of fifty free fleece patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web.

And because fleece doesn't fray, it can appear to be an easy fabric to work with. However, it can actually be a bit
tricky. So here are a few things to keep in mind when sewing fleece:

Because of its bulk, it's better to choose a simple pattern with very few seams or design elements to it. And fleece
has a subtle nap to it, so be sure to lay out all of your pattern pieces in the same direction and/or use the “with
nap” layout in your pattern instructions.

Because fleece is somewhat thick, use longer pins when laying out your pattern pieces. And you may also find it
easier to cut your fabric in a single layer (just remember to flip your pattern pieces over so you'll end up with two
“opposite" fabric pieces).

Use a longer stitch length to get smoother seams. And be careful when sewing because stitches can be hard to
remove. And because fleece is heat sensitive, don't iron it. Instead, finger-press it only. You may also want to
avoid the dryer and hang your finished item to dry instead.

And because fleece doesn’t fray, there’s no need to finish your seams. However, you may want to clip your seams
with pinking shears or fold over and the edges of your seams to give your item a more finished look. And fleece
can produce a lot of lint. Therefore, once your project is completed, be sure to clean your sewing machine.
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