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10 Free Basket Liner Patterns
A collection of the best free Basket Liner Patterns on the web
Basket Liner
Basket Liner
Basket Liner*
Internet Archive
Basket Liner
Running with Scissors
Laundry Basket
Moda Bake Shop
Easter Basket
Delia Creates
Basket Liner
Sew Fearless
Bike Basket Liner
Fabric Basket
Sophisticated Yellow
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Sewing Quick Tips:

Tip #1: A cheap and easy way to mark any medium to dark colored, washable fabric is with a sliver of soap.
Just make sure the soap is oil-free so it won’t stain your fabric. And to keep the edge of the soap sliver sharp,
trim it periodically with a knife.

Tip #2: Instead of your ironing board, try using a seam roll as your surface when pressing seams open. The
rounded surface of the seam roll will keep the edges of your seam allowances from pressing a ridge into the
right side of your fabric.

Tip #3: If you need to baste a seam first before sewing your finished seam, consider using a thread color that
stands out against the color of your fabric. That way, the basting stitches will be easier to see when removing.

Tip #
4: When sewing a corner, such as the tip of a collar point, try squaring off the tip of the corner instead of
sewing to a point. This will actually result in a sharper point once the items is turned right side out.