Free Pillow Patterns - 96 designs!
A collection of the best free Pillow Patterns & Tutorials on the web
Sew pillows with this collection of over ninety free pillow patterns gathered from all over the web!

And because pillows usually consist of simple shapes (often just a couple of squares of fabric and a few straight seams)
and can be quick to make, they can make an ideal first project for a beginner who's just learning how to sew. Just be sure
the beginner chooses a simple design, avoiding pillows that require the addition of ruffles or other trims.

Making pillows can be a great way to use up your fabric stash or a great way to recycle an old t-shirt (just sew up the
neck, sleeves, and bottom of the shirt and stuff it).

Making a pillow can also be a great way to experiment with certain sewing techniques such as applique, machine
embroidery, quilting, making ruffles, or inserting piping.

And, of course, making your own home décor pillows allows you to choose your own fabric, color-matching it to your décor
and to vary the size and style of the pillows to suit your needs.

Pillow sewing tip: To get nice, sharp corners in your pillow, try this: Instead of sewing a pointed corner, sew a slightly
squared-off corner. To do this, sew your seam, then stop slightly before the point of your corner. Pivot your pillow 45
degrees, then sew a couple of stitches. Pivot your pillow again another 45 degrees, then continue with your seam. When
turned, the corner of your pillow will have a more defined point to it than if you had sewn a pointed corner.
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