Free Placemat Patterns - Over 60 designs!
63 of the best free Placemat Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sew festive and colorful placemats with this collection of over fifty free placemat patterns & tutorials gathered from
all over the web.

A set of pretty placemats can be a great way to dress up a table, either as an alternative to, or in addition to a
lovely tablecloth. And making a placemat (and you can sew up just one placemat without feeling the need to make an
entire set) can be a great way to use up those smaller pieces of fabric you may have leftover from other projects.
And if you're new to quilting, one of the quilted designs can be a great way to try quilting without needing to commit
to sewing an entire quilt.

And just a reminder that if you want to be able to launder your finished placemats (they're bound to be the recipient
of a bit of spilled food here and there), to preshrink your fabric first so that your placemat will retain its shape after
washing (especially if your fabric is 100% cotton or a cotton blend). And if you’ll be making your placemats from
several different fabrics (like the reversible or patchwork designs) and you want to be able to launder the placemats,
you may want to test each of your fabrics first for colorfastness.
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