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A collection of the best free Home Decor Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Welcome to the Free Home Decor Patterns section at, where you'll find a collection of over 900
free home décor patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web to help you transform your space. Sew quilts,
table settings, bedding items, and more.

And since many home décor projects, such as pillows, curtains, and bed linens consist of simple shapes and straight
seams, they can make an excellent first project for a beginner just learning how to sew. And they can also make an
excellent project for even an experienced seamstress who may be looking for a quick-to-make project. And sewing a
home décor item such as a pillow or placemat can also be a great way to use up your fabric stash.

And be sure to check out the
Free Sewing Patterns Directory for easy access to hundreds more free sewing patterns.


Sewing Quick Tip:

When purchasing fabric, always write down the fabric’s care instructions and fiber content, which should be printed
on the end of the bolt. (You may find it even easier to snap a picture of this information with your digital camera.)
Keep this information with your fabric. In the excitement of purchasing new fabric, this is a step that can be easy to
forget, but it would be a shame to devote so much time and energy to making an item, only to accidentally ruin it by
cleaning it incorrectly.
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