Free Wallet Patterns - Over 100 designs
103 of the best free Wallet Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
Sew wallets with this collection of over one hundred great fabric wallet designs gathered from all over the web.

A colorful fabric wallet can make a great handmade gift for either a child or an adult. And because a wallet needs so little
fabric, it can be an ideal way to use up those smaller pieces of fabric you may have leftover from other sewing projects.

And since sewing a wallet often requires you to sew through several bulky layers of fabric, you may want to switch to using
a thicker, denim needle when sewing your wallet, which will more easily pierce through those heavy layers
without breaking.

And to create corners that will be nice and sharp (when turning your wallet right side out after sewing in your lining),
try sewing a squared-off corner instead of a traditional pointed one. To do this, stop stitching a little more than 5/8" (or
whatever your seam allowance is) from the edge of your fabric. Leave your needle down in your fabric, lift your presser
foot, and pivot your fabric 45 degrees. Place your presser foot down and sew one or two stitches. Leave your needle down
in your fabric, lift your presser foot again, and pivot your fabric until the next fabric edge is against the seam guide. Put
your presser foot down and continue sewing.
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