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A collection of the best free Dog Clothes Patterns & Tutorials on the web!
More dog clothes sewing tips:

Since dog clothes tend to be tiny, making clothes for your doggie can be a great way to use up larger scraps of
fabric you may have leftover from other projects.

And since pattern pieces for dog clothes do tend to be much smaller than those for human clothing, you may want
to try this technique for greater accuracy for clothes that use pattern templates: instead of cutting the pattern
templates from paper, try cutting them from cardboard, then laying the cardboard templates onto your fabric,
tracing around them, then cutting your fabric on the lines you've drawn.

And if you're making a clothing item for more of a utilitarian purpose - something you expect your dog to wear
regularly (like a coat), be sure to make it from a more durable fabric (perhaps denim or canvas or a weatherproof
fabric) so that the item will last through many wearings (and washings).

And if you do plan to launder your finished item, remember to preshrink your fabric so the item will still fit your
doggie after it's laundered.
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