Free Dog Clothes Patterns
Over 100 dog coat, sweater, jacket, dress, shirt, and
costume sewing patterns
Sewing clothes for your dog can be a great way to repurpose an old sweater,
t-shirt, or sweatshirt. And since quite a few of these designs call for working
with knit fabrics or sweater knits, here are some tips for sewing knits: Use a
ballpoint needle in your sewing machine, which will slide between the fibers of
your knit fabric instead of cutting through them. And use a special
stretch stitch
or a tiny zigzag stitch when sewing your knit fabric so that your seams will stretch
when the finished item is worn.

Reinforce seams that will be subject to lots of stress (such as where bands and
tabs are attached) by sewing a second row of stitching over or right next to the
first row. And if an item has a more intricate design, or you’ll be making it from a
more costly fabric, you may want to make a “muslin” of the item first to be sure you
get the fit right before sewing the finished item.

And if you need to try the item on your dog before sewing your final seams, use
safety-pins to hold your seams together instead of straight pins, to be on the safe
Looking for a dog coat pattern? A dog vest, sweater, dress, costume, jacket, or
shirt pattern? Well, you've come to the right place. With a collection of over one
hundred free dog coat & clothes patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web,
you may just find just the dog pattern you're looking for.
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