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If you think you’ll be laundering your finished purse, just remember to preshrink your fabric (and any linings and trims too),
especially if your fabric is a cotton or a cotton blend. (If you think you’ll only be spot-cleaning your finished bag, you can
skip this step.) You may even want to launder your cotton fabric more than once because cotton doesn’t always shrink its
maximum amount with the first washing.

And if you’ll be laundering your finished purse, you may also want to check your fabric (and any linings and trims too) for
colorfastness. To do this, submerge each fabric individually in the same water temperature and detergent in which you plan
to wash your finished purse. If the water turns color or if any dye comes off when you press the wet fabric between layers
of a white towel, then your fabric isn’t colorfast. In this case, you’ll want to either choose different fabrics or avoid washing
your finished bag.

And as with any sewing project, make sure that you read your pattern instructions through and understand them before
starting your project. Also before starting your project, make sure you have all the components necessary to finish your bag
(e.g. linings, zippers, buttons, trims, closures, and other hardware). It can be frustrating to be in the middle of a project,
then have to stop because you're missing an item. And purse components specifically, may not be available at your local
fabric store.
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