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280+ Free Stuffed Animal Patterns
Choose a felt fabric for your softie if you want a quick and easy diy project, since
felt can be easy to work with and doesn't fray. And if you do use felt for your
plushie, choose a high-quality wool or a wool blend, which won't pill the way acrylic

And of course, a home-sewn stuffed animal doesn't have to look homemade. For
instance, if you plan to use a fur fabric for your project, try following these tips for
working with fur to help give your softie a more professional look: To cut fur fabric,
place it fur side down, backing side up. And when laying your pattern pieces onto
your fur fabric, you may find it easier to use pattern weights to hold down the
pattern pieces instead of pins. Then you can trace your cutting line around the
pieces with a fabric marking pen and simply cut following the lines you've drawn.
And if your fur has a nap to it (where the pile runs in one direction), make sure to
lay out and cut out your pattern so that all the pieces run in the same direction
(usually with the pile running down). This way, all of the pile in your finished item
will run in the same direction. And don't double your fabric as you usually would
with a non-fur fabric. Instead cut your fur fabric in a single layer. This way, you
won't be trying to cut through two bulky layers at once and you'll avoid cutting into
the fur. (See
next page for more tips on working with fur.)
DIY stuffed animals! Make your own homemade stuffed animals with this collection
of over 280 of the best free stuffed animal patterns & plushie patterns (many with
printable templates) gathered from all over the web. You'll find fur, fabric, and felt
animal patterns on these pages, and plush patterns for dogs & cats, bunnies,
monkeys, elephants, pigs, and more!
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