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Free Summer Dress Patterns - Over 100 designs!
And if you're a beginner just learning how to sew, a summer dress can make a
great first sewing project. Choose a sleeveless or strapless style and you won't
have to worry about setting in sleeves, which can be quite tricky and frustrating for
a beginner. Also, many summer dress styles are designed to be loose, flowing, and
unstructured, which means they'll be more forgiving if the final fit is a bit off, plus
you'll have fewer seams to sew.

Summer is time you can feel free to experiment with fun, bright, festive prints. And
again, if you're new to sewing, a non-directional print fabric can also do a great job
of hiding any sewing mistakes you happen to make.

Choose lightweight, natural fiber fabrics for your summer dress such as 100%
cotton. Poplin, seersucker, madras, eyelet, crinkled cotton, gauze, and stretchy
lightweight knits are popular cotton fabric choices. Crisp linen and linen/cotton
blends also make great warm weather fabrics. Avoid man-made fibers for the most
part, which are likely to retain heat and feel uncomfortable in warmer weather
(exceptions would be rayon and microfiber blends, which are more breathable). And
choose fabrics in light colors, which will reflect, rather than absorb heat. Loosely
woven, light and airy fabrics in any fiber will help air circulate better and keep heat
from building up. And if you plan to launder your finished dress (as opposed to
having it dry-cleaned), just remember to pre-wash your fabric to prevent your
finished garment from shrinking.
Sew a wardrobe of summer dresses with this collection of over one hundred free
summer dress patterns for women gathered from all over the web. Sew sundresses,
flowing maxi dresses, sporty tank and t-shirt dresses, strapless dresses, simple
sheath dresses, and more!
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