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11 Free Bucket Bag & Purse Patterns
So, in case you're not familiar with the term “bucket bag,” its a bag or purse that's
pretty much shaped like a bucket. Which means that it's usually a tall bag with
round, flat bottom. The bag also has an open top with a drawstring closure, which
gives the bag a less structured, more casual look. The bag often has a shoulder
strap that's long enough for it to be worn across the body, but it can also have a
shorter strap so that it can be carried like a handbag.

And the main benefit of a bucket bag is its roomy interior, which means it can hold
lots of stuff. Plus, the drawstring top allows the bag to open wide, allowing easy
access to the bag's content. However, because the bag doesn't have a zipper
closure, it's not as secure as other bags may be.

And because of its simple shape, a bucket bag can be a good project for someone
new to sewing (if she sews her bag from fabric, not leather, which can be challenging
to work with). The only tricky part might be installing the grommets onto the bag
for the drawstring.

And if you do decide to sew one of the leather or faux leather bag designs, you may
find the following tips helpful: Use a new, sharp needle in your sewing machine and a
needle specifically made for sewing leather. Use binder clips, paper clips, or glue to
hold your leather pieces together for sewing, not pins. Use a teflon or walking foot
in your sewing machine to help feed the leather as you sew. Or, you may want to
consider simply hand-stitching your leather bag, which may easier for you to do.
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Make a bucket bag with this collection of eleven free bucket bag and purse patterns,
tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web. So if you're
looking for a large bag to sew that's both casual and chic, you've come to the right
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