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11 Easy Modern Quilt Patterns
So, what exactly defines a “modern” quilt? Generally speaking, it's a quilt design
that uses bold geometrics, often in bold, high contrasting colors. The design may
also be asymmetrical and/or minimalistic and use lots of negative space. It may also
take a traditional quilt design and use it in an interesting way, such as taking a
single block and filling the entire quilt top with it.

And the modern quilt designs on these pages were chosen either for their simple
construction (consisting only of squares and/or rectangles with straight lines of
stitching) or because their design consists of large shapes that require less piecing
and stitching. And then there's the One Hour Quilt from See Kate Sew, which
requires no piecing at all, just sewing between the shapes printed on the fabric.

And any of these quilts should make a great first quilting project for a beginner or a
quick-to-make project for an experienced quilter. And if you are a beginner, you
may find the following tip helpful:

If the quilt design consists of smaller fabric pieces, be especially careful when
cutting your fabric. Most quilt designs use a quarter inch seam. Therefore, if your
cutting is even slightly off, it can make a noticeable difference in the size of your
finished quilt top. So if the design lends itself to it, you may want to consider
purchasing pre-cut fabric pieces. Not only will it save you cutting time, but you'll be
assured that your fabric pieces have been cut accurately.
Sew a quick and easy modern quilt with this collection of eleven free modern quilt
patterns gathered from all over the web! So if you love quilting (or are a beginner
and would like to try it), but your tastes just don't tilt toward traditional quilt
designs, one of these quilts may be exactly what you're looking for.
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