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30+ Easy Tote Bag Patterns
And simple, unlined tote bag can make a great first project for a beginner who's
just learning how to sew. The new sewer will learn basic skills such as how to cut
accurately, how to pin, how to sew straight lines, and how to turn and press. And
unlike a garment, no fitting will be required.

An easy tote bag can also make a great project for an experienced seamstress
looking for a quick-to-make project.

And just remember that if you're going to be placing heavy items in you tote bag
such as books, to sew your bag from a sturdy fabric like canvas or denim which will
be able to withstand heavy wear and tear better than a lighter weight fabric would.
However if you've fallen in love with a lighter weight fabric for your bag, you could
add a lining to it to make it stronger (however, this may make the bag construction
a bit too complex for a beginner). Another way to add sturdiness to a lighter weight
fabric is to back the fabric pieces with fusible interfacing before sewing the bag.

And also be sure to use a thicker needle in your sewing machine, which will be able
to sew through thick layers of fabric without breaking. And reinforce seams that will
be subject to stress such as the bottom of the bag and where the handles attach
to the main part of the bag. You can do this by either choosing a smaller stitch
length or by stitching again over your previous stitching.
Make a fun and easy tote bag with this collection of over thirty free and easy tote
bag patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web. And of course, by making
your own tote bag instead of buying one, you get to choose your own fabric, make
the bag just the right size for your needs, and adjust the handles of the bag so
they're just right length and width for you.
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