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Free Flat-Bottomed Drawstring Bag Patterns
And you can use these drawstring bags for just about anything. Larger bags for
carrying laundry or kids' toys, smaller bags for storing jewelry, makeup, candy, and
more, and bags that can be used as gift bags. The possibilities are endless!

And what's great about a drawstring bag with a flat bottom is that it can stand up
on its own, which can make placing items into the bag and removing items from the
bag much easier than with a two-dimensional bag. Plus, a flat bottom can give a
simple drawstring bag a more finished, polished look.

And because most drawstring bags consist of very basic construction and are
therefore simple to sew, it can be a great first project for a beginner. Even sewing
the flat bottom, which requires only one or two extra steps, should be simple
enough for a beginner to sew.

And there are basically two ways to construct the flat bottom for these drawstring
bags. One is to add the bottom separately as a separate fabric piece. The other is to
sew a two-dimensional bag, then to cut off and stitch down the corners of the bag's
bottom. Use whichever method you find the easiest.

And if you think you'll be using your drawstring bag to store heavy items, consider
adding a lining to your bag for additional sturdiness. You may not want to use a
heavy fabric for your bag, like a cotton canvas, which could interfere with being able
to cinch up the drawstring closure.

And a drawstring bag can be a great way to use up those larger fabric scraps you
my have leftover from other projects. Or, alternatively, you could sew smaller scraps
of fabric together in patchwork fashion to create larger pieces of fabric for your bag.
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