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25 Free Fold-Up Tote Bag Patterns
Imagine never being without an extra tote bag when you need one. Especially for
carrying those unexpected shopping finds when you're out and about. And for
grocery shopping, a reusable fabric bag is a more eco-friendly alternative to paper
and plastic.

And all of these bags fold or roll up to a small size and are either held together by a
tie or closure or come with their own drawstring or zippered pouch. Which makes
them easy to stash away in large purse or bag, or stow in a car's glove box or
trunk until needed.

And, of course, by making your own tote bag, you get to choose your fabrics and
can adjust the size of your bag, making it smaller or larger as necessary. And what
a fun gift idea! An item that's not too personal that pretty much anyone can use.

And since these bags need to be foldable or scrunchable, a thinner fabric might be a
better choice than a thicker fabric like cotton canvas. You might consider using rip
stop nylon because it's thin, yet quite strong. Another way to strengthen your bag
is to give it a lining. And if you do choose sew your bag from ripstop nylon, you
may find these tips helpful: Use polyester or nylon thread in your sewing machine
and a longer stitch length, around 7-11 stitches per inch. A shorter stitch length
can actually act as perforation and create a weak seam. And you may find a roller
foot helpful in feeding your fabric. And consider reinforcing seams that will be
subject to stress by using flat felled seams.

And if you're a beginner who's just learning how to sew, the bags that are more
simply constructed might make a good first project. You may want to avoid the
bags with their own attached pouches because they might be a bit more challenging
to sew.
Make a tote bag that folds neatly away with the help of this collection of twenty-five
free fold-up tote bag patterns, tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all
over the web!
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