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25 Free Jelly Roll Table Runner Patterns
And what's great about jelly roll strips is how versatile they are. You can leave them
as strips or cut them into smaller rectangles, squares, or triangles for star or
pinwheel designs. And if you sew the strips together, cut them up, then rearrange
them, they can also provide an easy way to create patchwork square designs.

And, what's great about all pre-cut fabric bundles is that they allow you to sample
fabrics from an entire line before committing to buying yardage. Plus, since the
fabrics are from the same line, they'll automatically coordinate with one another.

And if you're new to quilting, a table runner can make a great first quilting project.
Because of its smaller size, a table runner will be easier to handle and sew than a
full size bed quilt. And most of the table runners on these pages have simple
designs and should therefore be pretty easy for a beginner to sew.

And just remember that because jelly roll strips have a pinked edge, they can
produce a lot of lint. Therefore after opening your jelly roll pack, you may want to
run a lint roller along the edges of the bundle to reduce this lint.

And if you want to be able to launder your finished table runner, you may want to
pre-wash your jelly roll strips to prevent shrinkage and color bleeding in your
finished runner. Some quilters think pre-washing is a good idea, others think it's
not necessary if you're using high quality fabrics. If you do decide to pre-wash your
jelly roll strips, place them in a mesh bag or zippered pillowcase to prevent tangling
of the strips.
Ruby Table Runner
The Little Mushroom Cap
Make a jelly roll table runner with this collection of twenty-five free jelly roll friendly
table runner patterns, tutorials, and diy projects gathered from all over the web!

And just in case you're not familiar with the term “jelly roll,” it's a bundle of forty
fabric strips, each measuring 2.5 by 44 inches and rolled into a bundle resembling a
jelly roll cake.
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