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Learn How to Sew - The Sewing Lessons:

Please note that these lessons aren’t for sewing a specific project, but are designed to give
you a thorough overview of the basics which you can then apply to a sewing project of your
So, you want to learn how to sew! Great!

Sewing for yourself, as you probably already know, can have the following benefits:

Getting to be your own fashion designer, expressing your individuality and creativity through what you

Having clothes that fit
your body, instead of having to make do with ready-to-wear apparel that doesn't
fit quite right (or simply being able to alter ready-to-wear clothes so they'll fit you better).

Saving money by creating a wardrobe of clothes that costs a fraction of what you'd pay for
ready-to-wear. Or, being able to save money by "repurposing" old clothing and creating something new.

Creating custom and inexpensive furnishings your home.

Having fun sewing adorable craft items, such as
stuffed animals, bags, or soft toys.

Gaining a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from successfully creating something of your own.

So good luck! And have fun learning!
A series of 11 Sewing Lessons for the Beginner
Beginner Sewing Tips:

Tip #1: Always remember to press your fabric before laying out and cutting your pattern
pieces. You'll cut your pattern pieces more accurately (which is especially important with
very small pattern pieces), and help you avoid that "homemade look" in your finished item.

Tip #2: Always use a sharp needle in your sewing machine, changing it with each new
project or after eight hours of continuous sewing. A nice, sharp needle will glide easily
through your fabric, while a dull needle can make stitching more difficult and can damage
your fabric.
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