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60+ Free Log Cabin Quilt Patterns
So, what defines a log cabin quilt pattern? Well, this block usually consists of strips
of fabric sewn around a center square. The fabric strips represent the “logs” or
walls of a log cabin, and the center square, which is traditionally red, is meant to
represent the hearth of the home. It's a design that works best with high
contrasting fabrics, with two sides of the block usually consisting of light colors and
the other two sides, dark colors.

One thing that  makes the log cabin design so versatile is that the block can be
turned and arranged to create a variety of shapes and patterns in the finished quilt,
such as zigzags, diagonal lines, triangles, or diamonds. And depending on the
arrangement of the blocks and the fabric colors chosen, it can also make a great
modern quilt.

And because a log cabin design consists of just square and rectangular shapes, it
can be a great quilt project for a beginner because they'll be no stretchy bias edges
to deal with. And because the fabric shapes are usually quite narrow and often
short, it can also be a great way to use up fabric scraps. Or conversely, the design
can be great way to use any pre-cut jelly roll strips you may have stashed away.

Because the fabric strips you'll be working with are often quite narrow, sewing a
perfect quarter-inch seam is essential for accurate blocks that will fit together well.
For a great tutorial on how to achieve the perfect quarter-inch seam, click

Also, consider cutting your strips on the
lengthwise grain of your fabric (the grain
that runs parallel to the fabric's selvage). The lengthwise grain has much less
stretch to it, which means you can't inadvertently stretch out and distort your
fabric strips as you sew them together (note: you may need to re-figure your fabric
yardage with this method).
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