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30+ Free Quilted Placemat Patterns
A set of quilted placemats can also be a great project for an experienced quilter
looking for a quick-to-make project. Plus, it can give her an easy way to practice
sewing a more complex quilt block before trying it on a full size quilt.

And if you're sewing a complete set of quilted placemats, don't feel that they all
have to match exactly. Try using the same design template for each placemat, but
varying the fabrics. And if you choose fabrics from the same collection, the colors
and patterns will automatically coordinate. And of course, you can have fun varying
your fabrics for the seasons - perhaps choosing pretty pastel fabrics for spring,
earth tones for fall, and jewel tones for the holidays.

A set of placemats can also be a fun way to use any pre-cuts you've purchased,
such as jelly rolls and charm packs. And one of the quilted patchwork designs can
also be a great way to use up any fabric scraps you may have leftover from other

And of course, if you want to be able to launder your finished placemats, consider
prewashing your fabric first to prevent shrinkage and to reduce the chance of color
Make a quilted placemat with this collection of over thirty free quilted placemat
patterns gathered from all over the web! And since a quilted placemat is really like a
mini quilt, it can be a great first project for someone new to quilting. Because of its
small size, the new quilter will be able to handle it much more easily than a full size
bed quilt and she'll be able to stitch it up fast, quickly giving her the satisfaction of a
completed project. And when she's finished, if she happens to decide that quilting
isn't for her, she hasn't invested a lot of time or money in her project.
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