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50+ Free Quilted Table Runner Patterns
And table runner is not only beautiful, but of course, also provides protection for
your table top, with a quilted table runner adding even more protection than a non-
quilted runner. And even if you're using a tablecloth on your table, including a table
runner on top can add a festive, colorful touch to your setting.

And if you're new to quilting, a quilted table runner can make a great first project.
Since it's small, it should stitch up much faster than a full size quilt and be easier to
handle in your sewing machine. Choose one of the simpler patchwork designs
consisting of large, simple shapes and straight edges (a design of squares or strips
of fabric is a good choice) to make it easier to sew. Plus, a design like this will be
more forgiving of slightly inaccurate cuts and seams.

And one of the patchwork table runner designs can be a great way to use up small
scraps of fabric you may have leftover from other projects. Just be sure to use
fabrics of similar fibers and weights.

And if you want to be able to launder your finished table runner, you may want to
consider pre-washing your fabrics to prevent shrinking and color bleed. Some
quilters recommend this, while other thinks it's unnecessary. If you choose not to
pre-wash your fabric and want to launder your table runner, you may want to toss
a couple “color catchers” into your washing machine to help prevent color bleeding.
Sew a beautiful quilted table runner with the help of this collection of over fifty free
quilted table runner patterns gathered from all over the web. Here you'll find lots of
ideas and inspiration for casual runners, whimsical runners, as well as more elegant,
formal runners.
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