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40+ Free Quilted Tote Bag Patterns
Not only does a quilted tote bag look pretty, whether it's one the patchwork
designs or a bag made with a single fabric, but the multiple layers and the quilting
itself add extra strength and durability the bag. Plus, the soft quilt batting will give
the contents of your bag a little more protection than a simple canvas bag would.

And if you want to add even more sturdiness to your bag, you can do one of the
following: Add a layer of fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your outer fabric
before adding your batting and doing your quilting. Or, add an extra layer of fabric
to the other side of your batting, then do your quilting (which means you'll be
quilting three layers instead of two), then add a separate lining to your bag.

And what's also great about a patchwork bag is that it can help you to use up all of
those fabric scraps you may have leftover from other projects. Plus, a quilted
patchwork bag can simply look much more festive and fun than a plain canvas tote
bag. And sewing a patchwork bag can also be a great way to use pre-cut jelly roll or
charm pack bundles without needing to invest time and energy in sewing a full size

A quilted tote bag can also be a great first project for someone new to quilting. A
tote bag will sew up faster than a full size bed quilt, and therefore give the new
quilter the satisfaction of a completed project.

And of course, a quilted tote bag can make an excellent gift! Everyone can always
use one more bag and it'll always be the perfect fit.
Sew a quilted tote bag with this collection of over forty free quilted tote bag
patterns, tutorials, and diy projects gathered from all over the web!
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