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30+ Free Rag Quilt Patterns
So, what exactly is a “rag quilt?” Well, it's a style of quilt (not usually made from
rags by the way), in which the raw edges of the seams between blocks are left
exposed. These exposed seams softly fray after laundering, giving the quilt a
“ragged” look.

And since rag quilts use a “quilt-as-you-go” construction method (meaning the
fabric layers of each block are quilted first, then stitched together) and the edges of
the quilt are left unfinished (which means there's no binding to sew), a rag quilt is
super quick and easy to make. Which can also make it an excellent first quilt for a

Any woven fabric that will fray nicely when laundered will likely be a good choice for
your rag quilt. And because of a rag quilt's “rustic” look, other popular fabric choices
include denim, flannel, and even repurposed old clothes. Larger quilting pre-cut
fabrics like charm squares and layer cakes would also be great fabric choices.

You can use a traditional quilt batting for you rag quilt, or a lighter weight filler like
flannel for a lighter weight finished quilt (or when using a heavier fabric like denim).
Flannel will also give you an array of colors to choose from (remember that the raw
edges of your filler fabric will be exposed).

The quilting for a rag quilt is usually made by sewing a simple “X” onto each block.
But feel free to stitch any design you'd like. And consider using a walking foot on
your sewing machine so that the layers of your fabric will feed evenly when sewn.
And remember that sewing smaller seam allowances when joining blocks will result
in less fraying, and that larger seam allowances will result in more fraying.

And you may want to consider actually sewing together a few sample blocks before
sewing your full quilt to see if you'll like both the weight of your finished quilt and
the amount of fraying.
Rag Quilt
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Sew a fun and cozy rag quilt with this collection of over thirty free rag quilt patterns,
tutorials, and diy sewing projects gathered from all over the web!
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