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30+ Free Lunch Bag Patterns
And since a fabric lunch bag is reusable, it is of course, better for the environment.
And one of the simpler lunch bag designs can make a good first project for a
beginner just learning how to sew.

And if you decide to make your lunch bag from a cotton fabric, you’ll probably want
to be able to launder your finished bag. Therefore, just remember to preshrink your
fabric first (perhaps more than once) so that your bag will retain its shape after

And if you want your lunch bag to be wipeable/water-resistant, consider using a
laminated fabric for your bag (such as oilcloth). And if you want the interior of your
bag to be water-resistant, consider lining your bag with a food-safe vinyl.

And if you plan to carry food items in your bag that need to be keep at a certain
temperature, consider making one of the insulated lunch bags. These bags may be
a little more complex to sew, but it may be worth it to have a bag that will keep
your food cold (or hot).
Why use a boring old paper bag to carry your lunch when you can sew one of these
adorable lunch sacks instead? Here you'll find a collection of over thirty free fabric
lunch bag, sack, and box patterns gathered from all over the web.
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Diy Insulated Lunch
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